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Just as the blending of computers and networking created the Internet, the merging of vehicles with the global broadband ICT infrastructure will create a new platform upon which an unimaginable range of new services and capabilities will be created.



The Networked Vehicle: Coming Soon to a Highway Near You

Consumers show increasing interest in networked vehicles as GTA’s innovative ICT and Auto Industries rev up their products
By: Barry Gander and Andrew Penny
For the first time ever, brand has been knocked out as the most important factor for those buying a car. According to a survey unveiled at a recent industry Executive Workshop, new car [...]


European Innovation Competition Extended to Canada

Innovations Sought in Four Areas
Munich – For the first time, the Network of Automotive Excellence (NoAE) has extended its Innovation Award to a non-European country: Canada. The NoAE Award, launched in cooperation with the European automotive industry, is in its fourth year and is held under the auspices of the German Federal Minister of Economics, [...]


Committee Approves Distracted Driving Legislation Sponsored by Rockefeller and Hutchison

Bill Imposes No New Mandates, Instead Offers Grants to States that Elect to Enact Distracted Driving Laws
Senate bill (S1938) was approved yesterday by the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee by a vote of 17-8. The bill provides grants to states that prohibit texting and hand-held phones. At first blush the definitions don’t look too [...]


Conferences & Workshops

The NVA organizes conferences connecting various members of the industry together to share information. We do this to provide value to the industry and its players by facilitating the exchange of information and synergy.

These conferences encourage automobile industries, broadband service providers, software developers, and wireless broadcasting industries around the world to join in order to maximize their own cooperation with other companies in support of the evolution of the automotive industry, to take advantage of ICT technology, to create new value for all, and to formulate standards between internal car system and external information system.

Latest Conference: April 2010, Mobile Apps on Wheels, San Francisco, CA



The Networked Vehicle Association publishes whitepapers relevant to the ICT-auto industry and our members. More resources are added regularly and we encourage you to check back often to ensure you have access to the latest developments.

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